God has a plan for each of us to be involved in his work. It may be offering a helping hand, kind word, prayers or a donation to help His children throughout the world. Columbia has a heart for mission. As a congregation and as individuals, we support many, many missions—locally, nationally and internationally—with our time, talents and funding. Prayerfully review the list of missions and ask what you can do to become involved. Below you will find the ministries Columbia is involved in as a congregation. In addition, many individuals are involved in other ministries as well. Columbia has a way to help with limited funding for you to participate in Short Term Mission opportunities.



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Local Missions

The following local missionaries and mission organizations are supported in part by Columbia’s missions budget.


Evergreen Habitat for Humanity



Young Life/Young Lives, Clark County



Clark County Food Bank



Open House Ministries



Winter Hospitality Overflow



McLoughlin Middle School



Marshall Elementary School



Compassion Vancouver



The Linen Closet




Global Missions

The following international missionaries are supported in part by Columbia’s mission budget.


Good Samaritan Ministries – Zambia satellite



Haiti Foundation of Hope



Clean Water for Haiti



Arabian Gulf Connections


Unreached People Groups

History and Status of Senegal Ministry

Read Senegal Update Here

Click here to read about Leopold Diouf


2022 Virtual Senegal Mission Trip

Week 1; April 24, 2022
Beer-sheba Project
Week 2; May 1, 2022
Malick and Feluine Fall
Week 3; May 8, 2022
Pastor Ngor; Lour Ribot
Week 4; May 15, 2022
A Visit to Kollore Gui

2021 Virtual Senegal Mission Trip

Week 1
Eric of Beer-sheba Project
Week 2
Pastor Ngor, Fatick ADP & Vision Fund
Week 3
MIS & CAPRO Missionaries
Week 4
Malick and Feluine Fall


Senegal Ministry – Go Team Activities

Article by Gina Nie, 2020 Go Team Member View

Article by Christiana A. 2020 Go Team Member View

Mission InterSenegal


World Vision/Senegal



Beer-sheba Project





Missionary Families – with the following organizations:



Forms and Service Opportunities

Short Term Missions

Short Term Missions Application form: Download


Senegal Go Team Application

Senegal Go Team Application form

Senegal Trip Information Sheet: Coming Soon 


2023 Generosity Update