Stephen Ministry is a lay care-giving ministry that supplements pastoral care. The program teaches laypersons to provide one-on-one care for individuals who request support. The confidential care-giver and care-receiver relationship, usually conducted by weekly visits, may continue for months or years. Columbia has both men and women available to meet with you.


Our purpose is to care for those in times of hardship, grief, or other life struggles.
To find out more about Stephen Ministry, you can find their website here.


If you have interest in this outreach, either as a Stephen Minister or as a care receiver,

please contact one of our Stephen Ministry Leaders.

Wayne Sparks

Dick Petermann

Joan Cram






Spiritual gifts are gifts to give away.  God gives them to us, and we use them to serve others. 


How are you using your gifts right now? Are you looking for a new       way to use them?


If your spiritual gifts include one or more of the following –

faith, mercy, teaching the faith, encouragement, or knowing – consider Stephen Ministry, our congregation’s one-to-one care-giving ministry.


This may be just what you’ve been looking for!


Contact Dick Petermann to learn more about this ministry.




Paul wrote, “I planted the seed,      Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.”  (1 Corinthians 3:6)


Is it time to add more water to the seeds of faith that have been planted      in you?


Consider serving our congregation as    a Stephen Minister.  God has plans for you to grow.





















The more you focus on the Lord and do God’s work, the more you will discern God’s will. 


Consider serving our congregation as a Stephen Minister. By helping others, you will help God’s kingdom grow-and you will grow too!


Contact Pastor Ted Buck for more information.










Did you know that there is joy and freedom when we   put the needs of others ahead of our own?


Stephen Ministry provides this kind of care, freedom,    and joy.


If you’ve ever thought about finding ways to bring         Christ’s love to those who are hurting, you need to              learn more about Stephen Ministry.



All good coaches will tell you that teamwork is important to win a game.


All who serve as Stephen Ministers become part of a team that helps people win life’s toughest battles.


Even though we are part of a team , we maintain confidentiality in regard to our care partners, their identity, and any conversations we have with them.


For more information, contact one of the Stephen Ministry Leaders above.