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Virtual Singing is Here! 

Jeff Haagenson invites everyone to join us as we sing together as a congregation. This opportunity is open to anyone at any age, and you do not need to be an expert singer.


To listen to our completed virtual choir songs, just click the title: 

“Children of the Heavenly Father”

“Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”



To Participate in Our Next Song

We will be singing the beautiful, peaceful anthem “Still, Still, Still” in four parts. You can choose whichever vocal part you would like to sing. Your video submission is due Tuesday, November 24. 


Director’s Notes from Jeff regarding this song: 

  • This song starts with singing. Start playing the video to get your pitch, then start over when you know what note to start on. You could also use a piano or other instrument to get the starting pitch.
  • This song has very long phrases. Feel free to sneak a breath whenever you need one. When I put it all together those breaths will be hidden by those not taking a breath the same time you are. Formal breaths are marked in the music.
  • Some of the men’s parts are high and soft. Best to use falsetto for those so that it will all blend well together.
  • The bass part has a three part division on the bottom of page 6. Sing the low note if you can reach it, otherwise choose the middle or upper note.
  • Practice by singing along with the video until you are ready to record. Practice as much as you can. Walk around singing this song and enjoy the beauty of the words and music.
  • Just do the best you can and do not worry if it is not perfect. Most everyone says their video sounds bad, but trust me on this –  it will all sound great when I blend it together!
  • At the end, sneak a breath when you need one, then hold out the note until I cut you off.

General Notes about Recording:

  • You can use either earbuds or headphones to hear the music. 
  • Try to frame your face so that you are about level with your camera, have light in front of you, and a static background behind you. 
  • Film in portrait mode, not landscape. 
  • Be expressive with the words. 
  • It’s ok to smile! 
  • Need a refresher on how this works? View the Intro to Virtual Singing or the Virtual Singing Instructions.

Links for “Still, Still, Still”: 

All four parts together:






Feel free to forward this email to singers that may want to join us.

Please turn in your video by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 24 so that we can include it in the Advent Festival as well as on a Sunday morning.


 Click Here to Download a PDF of the sheet music for “Still, Still, Still.”


Questions? Please email Jeff Haagenson