Our CPC Faith Community is in a season of transition.  It is also a season of challenges and uncertainty.  The Mission Study Committee brings this study to the CPC Faith Community as a testament to the certainty of our ability to transform and grow as a community of faith. And we’re excited to see how God leads us into our future.


Through this process, we have recognized and celebrate that we are different, and this difference enhances and strengthens our purpose:       

  • We are focused on the cross
  • We are committed to the study of scripture
  • We share our faith with each other and the community at large which continues to challenge us to break new ground
  • We appreciate and embrace the rhythms of our faith community
  • We are inter-generational
  • We are small groups
  • We are ready to help here and around the globe

This study summarizes who we are, where we think we are headed and how equipped we are to grow in this season of change and challenge.                

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Mission Study Team Members:

  • Nancy Anderson
  • Bruce Farnsworth
  • Diana Gage
  • Peggy Swenson
  • John Van Zytveld
  • Angie Woodrow
  • Bill Wheeler, Chair