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2021 Annual Report


Downloadable Reports

Report from Pastor Matt Overton

Pastor Matt Overton Youth Pastor & Acting Head of Staff

I cannot believe that another year has gone by here at Columbia. In some sense, we are all in a kind of time warp during these COVID times! Each year we compose this annual report as a way to share what our God has done through the life of our church. While it has been a year of transitions and continued navigation of challenging times, our church leadership (volunteers and staff) has done a good job.


First, it’s worth celebrating that we continue to honor and pursue our central mission/purpose at Columbia. We long to be a place where people can encounter Jesus, have their life transformed, and ultimately follow the Holy Spirit out into the world. The importance of that mission in these times has only grown. This year I saw and heard from many people who were glad to finally be able to come back to worship, we discovered how much Communion and singing mean to many of us, and even our students were relieved to get back to some sense of normalcy again with youth groups, although many of our trips are still somewhat curtailed. We have continued to assist those in need locally and internationally because of your generosity. Even more, we were able to step in and help a number of families and organizations as they had acute needs.


Second, we started to work toward the future this year. We all know that we have an important hire to make. However, we were also reminded that our church is not one staff member or even about the pastors. At key points we had to realize that we had become somewhat attached to the idea that we could not move forward without a head of staff. This year saw our elders, deacons, program staff, and some of our teams starting to remind themselves that Columbia is their church to lead! This is important because it is only through our combined resources, creativity, and proclamation of the gospel of Jesus that our shared mission and vision will go forward.


Throughout the year our leadership has reaffirmed our core mission, vision and theology as a Christ centered and biblically based church. We read a couple of books together that focused on leading effectively into the unknown (and boy are we in the unknown right now!) and becoming a church for all generations. We finished one of those books with our Growing Young weekend and guest speaker Steve Argue from Fuller Seminary.


Outside the church, Columbia’s witness in the community has continued to grow. Last year we were able to maintain strong mission giving to our various partner organizations. This was critical internationally as places like Haiti and Senegal face many challenges during these times. Just a week ago I received a forwarded letter from one of our Senegal partners talking about Columbia’s long term witness that is still providing water and education and basic bathing needs during these difficult times. It is easy to forget in this time of cancellations and vaccinations how deep the need of the world is.


Likewise, we were able to sustain and broaden our local mission. Students worked at the Clark County Food Bank last summer and at Heritage Farms, where the supervising staff member was floored at the quality of work that they had done. What impressed them most was that Columbia let them know that we were open to doing whatever THEY needed. That is what healthy mission looks like. Our Future Forge program was on campus at a local “school of choice” this year with some of our congregants serving as small group leaders for students.


My job throughout all of this is to lead with Scott Peterson and the support of Ted Buck. I continue to help Lydia Tombarelli gain the experience she needs to be the youth pastor that God is calling her to be in a very challenging time. I have transitioned back to being the Acting of Head of Staff again at Columbia and am glad to see us moving forward with our Pastor Nominating Committee at a pace that allows to move steadily to discern who God is calling to this wonderful church.


My hope is that, as we enter this New Year, we will continue to re-connect and re-discover the importance of our Christian witness in Clark County. Our gospel mission is extremely important and worth every bit of our prayer and engagement as we move into the future. That mission can provide hope and truth in our lives and in the lives of others if we do it well, being guided by the love and grace of Jesus Christ.


Blessings on all of you!

Pastor Matt


Worship & Music

Jeff Haagenson Minister of Worship & Music

There has been a wealth of creativity and adjustment necessary in the worship and music area for the past two years. In 2021, we were able to make adjustments in how we offered our worship services. Those in the worship and music area continued to transform our virtual worship services (transitioning from filmed services to live streaming) as well as our in-person gatherings.


An added benefit has been the ability for those in our community to worship with us when they are not physically in our sanctuary. Not just due to the pandemic, but those who are traveling for work or vacations (or any other reason) are still able to stay connected with Columbia. We are no longer limited geographically.


Musically, we have been able to use some small groups of singers and instrumental groups (along with our virtual choirs) to stay within the safety recommendations in this time when our larger musical groups were not able to meet. A special thanks to all who were involved in our annual Christmas Concert and Advent Festival, which was able to be presented despite the current restrictions.


We are fortunate at Columbia to have individuals, both paid and unpaid, who have risen to the challenge in the worship and music area this year.


Through it all, we are thankful that we are able to worship and stay connected as a community to encourage each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.


To God be the glory!


Jeff Haagenson

Congregational Joy to the World virtual choir

Adult Ministry

Scott Peterson Interim Associate Pastor

Highlights of the Year

  • Continued to offer Bible Studies and classes on Zoom
  • In-person Sunday morning and Wednesday evening classes were offered:
  • Chaos and Creation study of Genesis
  • Be the Bridge class on racial reconciliation
  • Life Together – Corporate spiritual disciplines
  • Growing Young Spiritual Renewal Conference with Steve Argue
  • Guys and Kids Campout was great success
  • The Lenten Series was offered via Zoom
  • Two Dunamis conferences were held at the church

Vision Work

  • The Disciple Making Team was dissolved. The team concluded that it was doing the work of a ministry team, and not a vision team. We have decided to no longer participate in the 3DM Disicplemaking program. Formation of a possible new team is on hold until Session makes a decision on how we will tend and promote the vision of the church.
  • Work done on defining Discipleship. Some of the ongoing questions that I have asked since coming to Columbia are: What do we mean by the term Disciplemaking? What is it? What are we trying to accomplish? How is it different that Discipleship? This past summer I started working with the program staff and then the relevant teams (AFFT, CMT, Intergen Team) to help answer these questions. After multiple meetings and great reflection, we wrote the following in response to our questions: “Disciples are people who, by the Holy Spirit, are growing together and being transformed into the image of Christ. We do this by learning to love and live the Jesus way in everyday life.” We will use this statement to guide us in the future.

Summary of Ministry

2021 has been another whirlwind year. We began by welcoming Danie de Beer as our new Interim Head of Staff Pastor, and ended with his departure. In between, I have been busy keeping the adult ministry programs moving forward and have been blessed to be able to bring back the Guys and Kids Campout and the Spiritual Renewal Conference. We made significant strides in understanding the kind of discipleship ministry that will best fit with Columbia and moving on from experimenting with 3DM.


It has also been a year of self-examination for the whole church, as we have asked questions about our Vision, Mission, and Values, all while affirming our core theological commitments. I ended the year stepping back into the role of splitting the Head of Staff Pastoral duties with Matt Overton, and this role will continue until we call a new Head of Staff Pastor.


Every time I walk into the sanctuary on Sunday morning, I do so with a grateful spirit for all of you: the gifts you bring, the life we share, the support you offer to one another and your staff! It is truly a blessing to be a part of the Columbia family, even if it is for just this interim time. I eagerly look forward to what we will do in the year to come.



Youth Ministry

Lydia Tombarelli           Youth Director

Highlights of the year

  • At the beginning of 2021, due to COVID restrictions, the youth met in small groups instead of traditional Youth Group. The small groups created close relationships with our students and leaders. 
  • Our middle and high school students each got to enjoy Back-to-School Retreats at the church and at Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center. 
  • This year our Youth Ministries had 13 paid and volunteer interns; two of whom came from Whitworth University.
  • Since Middle School Bike Hike remained local this summer, we opened up the Friday ride to all congregation members. It was such a fun day to spend with our students, their families, and others from the congregation. 
  • In August our high schoolers attended Camp Spalding near Spokane, WA. There we built relationships, played games, hung out, and worshiped God like we’ve never had before.

Ongoing Vision Work

Youth Ministry is working towards continuing to foster students and leaders who love God. We want to continue to grow our love for God’s people while experiencing community with one another. 


Columbia Youth Ministry offers weekly programs of youth group and Sunday school for our middle and high school students. We also offer retreats for our students to grow and learn about Christ together. Our leaders are passionate and committed to supporting our mission with our students. Columbia also offers yearly work service opportunities which take place locally, in Yakima, or in Mexico. Our summer programs also offer an internship opportunity for high schoolers and college-aged individuals to grow closer to Christ together. Columbia’s mission is to help grow lifelong disciples of Christ while serving our community together.  


Children's Ministry

Kristin Singleton   Director of Children’s Ministry

Highlights of the year


  • Parent’s Night Out on November 5 was a big success! Forty-one kids registered ranging in age from 2 months to 12 years.  We had 14 volunteers – both adult and high school aged. A special thank you to them for the gift of their time. This is a huge outreach ministry to not only our Columbia families, but especially our Circle of Friends Preschool families.  
  • VBS – A wonderful week to gather 100 kids ages preschool – 5th grade, and over 60 volunteers in learning about God’s love for them, and that we can count on Him in difficult times.  
  • Columbia’s Kids & Families Leading in Worship – For Advent, children participated in leadership by helping to prepare our sanctuary for Christmas. It was a wonderful, visible way for kids to minister to grownups – intergenerational ministry at work! 
  • Christmas Eve Worship for families with young children provided a chance for kids to engage with the Christmas story in an active, hands-on, age-appropriate way. It was wonderful to be  able to do this in-person again.   

Ongoing Vision work  

As we seek to continue to engage with children and families in the midst of COVID-19 one goal remains the same – CONNECTION.  

  • Connection with God’s Word – We will provide resources for families to equip them to guide and shepherd their children (Sunday school materials, books, articles, etc.)  
  • Connection with the Family of Faith – We will provide opportunities for children and their families to lead in worship, and thus help children understand that they are valuable members & contributors to our worship together as a family of faith.  
  • Connection with One Another in Community – We will continue to encourage families to live out their faith in the community and to reach out to those around them by providing ideas for age-appropriate ways for children to do so as a meaningful extension of their faith.  

We continue to look forward to providing opportunities for in-person gatherings and experiences that will help accomplish the above goals in community with one another.  


Children’s Ministry seeks to provide a place of care and connection with families.  It is a place where children and their families can learn and grow in their knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ and His love for them. This year we will continue to focus on ways for children and their families to further participate in leading in worship in ways that are intergenerational and emphasize connection.   


Children's Ministry - K2

Anna Haagenson        K2 Director

K2 Live started out the year with a month of Zoom meetings, but when we began meeting in person again, the kids were so glad to be seeing their friends and leaders again. Things are still not back to where they once were, but we continue to enjoy Biblical teaching, skits, crafts and games, and our Secret Pal Dessert was extra special when we were able to hold it outdoors.


Our mission emphasis last fall was the Inter-Faith Treasure House in Camas, which serves families who are experiencing food insecurity and lacking other basic needs. We collected many pounds of food for Thanksgiving meals, and socks, underwear, and diapers for the cold winter  months.


One highlight of the spring was our participation in the Good Friday Experience. The kids were shown a piece of fine art depicting Simon of Cyrene helping Jesus carry the cross and were read the corresponding Bible passage. They then brainstormed thoughts and feelings that arose when heard and saw this story. They set about the task of creating a station that would allow others to enter into those thoughts and feelings for themselves. The station the kids created was profound and powerful! We might often underestimate the depth of understanding that children may have when it comes to theology, but this activity showed that assumption is wrong. Many who participated in the Good Friday Experience expressed how meaningful the kids’ station was and how much we all can learn from these young disciples. Given an opportunity to be a part of this church-wide activity made the kids feel a part of the church as a whole and worthy of having something to offer.



Circle of Friends Preschool

Sharon Wallenborn Circle of Friends Preschool Director

Highlights of the year

  • Circle of Friends Preschool continued to operate under CDC guidelines: no non-staff adults inside and temps taken each morning. Twotsy-Pops returned for 2-year-olds and parents, who had to show proof of vaccination.
  • The Virtual Academy served 56 kids in ’20-’21. In-person preschool has 129 kids, compared to 88 last year. Capacity is 168 plus the 12 Twotsy-Pops. We have 14 staff members this year.
  • The biggest change was the retirement of Debbie Johnson, Administrative Assistant and the glue who held everything together for years. Laura Ericssen is taking over her duties. Miss Debbie has been part of COF since 1996.
  • In lieu of a Christmas program, each class recorded singing in the sanctuary and each family received a video. Families celebrated the end of the school year with a car parade.
  • Enrichment classes — dance and fitness — have returned. Pre-K attends a weekly science class.

Ongoing Vision Work

  • Circle of Friends Preschool is a mission of Columbia Presbyterian and a reflection of Columbia’s commitment to families and children. For some families, this is their first exposure to a church setting. Some choose to pursue a deeper understanding of the Christian faith because of their Circle of Friends experience. We reach out to the community, regardless of race, creed or ethnic origin.
  • As a mission, we help preschool families when needs and emergencies arise. The support of Columbia blesses our families, especially Parents’ Night Out.
  • Children learn about giving through the November needs drive. In 2021, it helped Marshall Elementary and McLoughlin Middle School, Share, Open House Ministries and the Clark County Food Bank.
  • With more public schools starting preschool programs, we are looking at ways to remain competitive.

The mission of Circle of Friends Preschool is to provide an age-appropriate learning experience for children ages 2 to 5 years old in a loving and nurturing environment. With so much brain development happening in the first five years of life, this ministry reaches children at a crucial stage with love, learning, fun, play, and friendship led by gifted teachers.


Thanks to our preschool board members for their hard work: Nicolle Ableidinger, Bruce Farnsworth, Ryan Lloyd, Terry Robertson, Mary Sisson, Angela Staley, and Claire Zimmerman. Sharon Wallenborn has been the Director since the beginning of Circle of Friends.


Report from Pastor Ted Buck

Pastor Ted Buck Parish Associate-Pastoral Care and Visitation

I write this article with the feeling of gratefulness. Really?  Yes – grateful to God for His love and grace that He continues to pour on us – even when we do not recognize His presence and movement; grateful to the congregation for their prayers and activities in other’s lives; especially throughout the challenges of this second year of the COVID pandemic. 


The challenges of pastoral care for Columbia Presbyterian Church have at times intensified when we have had to deal with isolation, grief and loss, financial concerns, personal issues, and recovery and healing. So thank you for your prayers and involvement. I have appreciated the emails, cards, phone calls, and visits. We still have to be flexible (each week can be different) with our contacts, as we have, at certain times, been restricted from visiting hospitals, facilities, and even homes, depending on the season of concern with COVID. Thank you for welcoming me to share and participate in the particular needs of your lives. It has been a special honor.


As one of the pastors, I not only have opportunities to correspond, you have allowed me to share a role in worship services, teaching, and as a resource with some of the caring ministries of the congregation. An older adult card ministry started up this fall, to focus particularly on relationships with our older population. Health Ministries has provided continual education, monies for training others in specialized caring ministries, and quarterly “We Care” gifts with relational contacts.


A Faith Community Nurse ministry has been active and should be even more defined for 2022. Plans have been put together to start Stephen Ministries this winter or spring of 2022. This is a new ministry that will involve Columbia Presbyterian people to be trained in caring skills, emphasizing short-term crisis situations. And I still marvel over the vast areas of compassion and mercy opportunities that our Deacons take part in every month. Some of their ministries consist of providing prayer shawls, Thanksgiving baskets, blood drives, food drives, memorial receptions, care partners, Sunday morning greeting, communion organization/participation, administering monies to the needy from our deacon funds, and “Helping Hands.” Thank you to all.


May God guide us to go forward with His love and care,

Pastor Ted Buck


Deacon Ministry

Ongoing Vision Work


Columbia’s Board of Deacons continue to provide support, hospitality, and welcome for our community of faith. We strive to encourage and provide opportunities for the  congregation to help those in need in the church family and Clark County at large.


Summary of Ministries:

Deacons truly serve as the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to organize and perform many activities throughout the year:

  • Hospitality: curbside and inside greeting, safety with parking, and staffing the Welcome Center. 
  • Communion: organizing servers, serving, set up, clean up, and serving home communion. 
  • Mercy:  Care Partners – one-on-one assignment for targeted support, Christmas and Easter gifts; church family support including visits, calls, shopping, meals, memorial services, and delivery of prayer shawls to anyone in need of ministry. 
  • Service: Helping Hands projects, Thanksgiving baskets, food drives, and blood drives.



Health Ministry Team

Highlights of the year

  • Provided ongoing COVID-19 information via the Columbia Weekly.
  • Sponsored training of 4 teachers of Mental Health First Aid courses (2 for adults, 2 for those working with youth or children).
  • Distributed “We Care” gifts to socially isolated older adults with help of congregational volunteers—Valentine’s Day cards to over 100 households, bulb flowers and Easter cards to over 100 households, autumn-themed linens to just under 70 households. Deliveries gave opportunity to assess for unmet needs.
  • Provided cameras, microphones, and/or technical assistance to 17 older adults at risk for social isolation/depression, to allow them to stay connected with family, friends, and Bible studies. We also handled troubleshooting calls too numerous to count.
  • Planned education courses, Coping with Uncertainty, the first of which was a hybrid of 22 in-person and Zoom attendees.

Ongoing Vision Work


Using an ongoing faith community assessment, the HMT will continue to present health topics in both in-person and virtual environments. We also will be offering caregiver support classes and training in mental health first aid more broadly to members of Columbia, other churches, and others in our community. We will be working cooperatively with other Columbia caring groups, such as the Deacons’ care partners program, a revived Stephen Ministry program coming in 2022, and a care group that focuses on our elder congregants. In addition to health education and developing needed support groups, we will continue to serve as referral agents, consultants, and health advocates within the faith community. As the pandemic allows, we plan to resume screening activities, such as blood pressure screening, and offer immunizations for flu prevention at an autumn health fair event.


The Health Ministry Team (HMT) began in 2019 and is comprised of three faith community nurses, a health minister, and 35 other health professionals. Our mission: Through the integration of body, mind, and spirit, health outcomes for individuals, the faith community, and the surrounding community are optimized to equip individuals and the faith community for sharing Christ, discipleship, and loving each other. With the support of grants, our focus is on health promotion through education, support, and advocacy and referral for those who need special assistance. Mental health issues and matters of aging, such as caregiver support, are special foci, based on a faith community assessment.



Highlights of the year

  • Missions Ministry Team (MMT) supported the following ministries and missionaries with funds, communication, volunteer service, and prayer:
    • Local missions funded by pledges and offerings are Clark County Food bank, Habitat for Humanity, Marshall/McLoughlin schools, Open House Ministries, The Linen Closet, YoungLife, Clark County YoungLives, Compassion Vancouver, and Winter Hospitality Overflow–WHO.
    • Global Missions funded by pledges and offerings are Haiti Foundation of Hope, Clean Water for Haiti, and Senegal – Falls, Baba Garage, MIS, World Vision, Pastor Ngor, Beer Sheba, and Women’s Retreat.
    • Missionaries funded by pledges and offerings are Nies, Nagelkirks, Mattocks’, and Armerdings.
  • Supported Winter Hospitality Overflow with crock pot dishes during a week in March.
  • 4-week virtual Senegal visit presented over Zoom.
  • Vetted a new mission, The Linen Closet. Added to the 2022 Mission budget.
  • Committed to “Faith Build” with Evergreen Habitat for Humanity to take place in 2022.
  • Held our annual Alternative Christmas Market and received a total of $7626. This included a generous donation of $5000 to Habitat for Humanity. This year the market supported three ministries: Senegal, The Linen Closet, and Habitat for Humanity.
  • The Mission budget also received end of the year donations for MAC/Marshall Connection, Clark County Food Bank, and the Melanesia Boat Project.

Ongoing Vision Work

MMT continues to support the global ministries, local ministries and missionaries with funds, communication, volunteer service and prayer. MMT encourages Columbia to engage in mission work to encounter God, to enter into a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and to allow the Holy Spirit to show you your place in God’s work. MMT continues to bring missions and missionaries in front of the congregation with visit reports, Mission Connections updates during worship, Columbia Weekly articles, trip briefings, Virtual Senegal Trip, and classes.


The Missions Ministry Team has 3 main roles:

  • To communicate and build relationships with mission organizations and missionaries supported by Columbia.
  • To manage the missions budget by reviewing funding needs and submitting an annual budget to session for approval.
  • To seek and screen requests for new missions that fit the purpose and vision statements of Columbia Presbyterian.


Presbyterian Women

Highlights of the year

  • Ellen Torongo Scholarships of $1500 each were awarded to Delaney Ferguson and Niki Nie.
  • Presbyterian Women was scheduled to host the Presbytery of the Cascades Fall Gathering in October.  Due to current health concerns regarding the COVID pandemic, it was presented online via Zoom.  Keynote speaker and workshop leader was Jane Kirkpatrick, Oregon’s award-winning writer and Presbyterian woman. In lieu of a registration fee, we were encouraged to send an offering to Safe Choice in Vancouver and/or Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon’s SOAR.
  • Proceeds from the December bake sale benefited missions supported by Presbyterian Women.
  • The Prayer Shawl Ministry meets monthly to knit and crochet shawls to be given to those suffering illness, grief, or in special need of comfort.

Ongoing Vision Work

The Bi-Annual church rummage sale occurs in April and October.  In 2021, both sales had to again be cancelled due to the COVID pandemic.  Since our budget is based on the proceeds of these sales, it was necessary to limit the missions we support.

  • Clean Water for Haiti (Chris &Leslie Rolling)
  • Columbia’s High School Work Camp
  • Columbia’s Middle School Bike Hike
  • Friends of the Carpenter
  • Fort Vancouver Seafarer’s Center
  • Open House Ministries
  • Shared Hope International
  • Tyndale Bible Translators – Nie Family
  • Melanesia Boat Project

Personnel Ministry Team

Highlights of the year

  • Supported and collaborated with staff to overcome challenges presented by a hybrid work schedule that included being in the office and working remotely.  Also worked with staff to overcome challenges incurred as part of the interim process.
  • Supported Rev. Dr. Danie de Beer, Interim Head of Staff and Senior Pastor, as he facilitated the work to be done during the interim process.  After the formation of the Pastor Nominating Committee, the Personnel Ministry Team worked with Rev. Dr. de Beer and Session to implement a plan for his departure at the end of November.
  • Applied to IRS for Employee Retention Credit to help offset costs associated with federal employment taxes.  Outcome of the application is pending.

Ongoing Vision Work

The Personnel Ministry Team (PMT) will continue working with our pastors, staff, and Session as they work to fulfill the vision and mission of Columbia Presbyterian Church. Plans for 2022 include reviewing the current staffing structure to ensure Columbia is adequately staffed and human and financial resources are being used efficiently and effectively.


Focus will be placed on filling the AV technician and custodial positions vacated by Frank Brown and Dillon Galicia, respectively.  Both will be missed but we do wish them continued success and happiness in their future endeavors.


Another vacancy to be filled is that of chairperson of the Personnel Ministry Team. Dan Zeamer had chaired the PMT for the last few years but left the team at the end of December to serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).  We are thankful for his service and know he will add to the success of the PNC. 


The PMT ask that you please continue to pray for and encourage your pastors and staff. They are dedicated individuals who love this congregation and desire to serve God in their roles.  And pray for the Personnel Ministry Team as we work to support our pastors and staff in all they do for Columbia.


In Christ,


The Personnel Ministry Team:

Tricia Williamson, Interim Personnel Ministry Chair, Dave Cram, Tom Hill, John Reid, Ben Stimmel, Rev. Matt Overton, Acting Head of Staff and John Van Dinter, Church Business Administrator



At Columbia Presbyterian, the ministry of Operations and Administration works to align the operations of our church with the overall vision of Columbia.  We maintain financial and policy controls with exceptional fiscal responsibility.  At the same time, we strive to provide terrific care of the building and complete maintenance needs so that each ministry and mission area can function. 


During this era of COVID, we have continued making adaptations to our normal way of doing ministry and we have continued to persevere in our mission.  You may have noticed enhancements to our weekly newsletter, The Columbia Weekly.  We are leveraging technology solutions to bring you information in a visually appealing format.  You may not have noticed that we had a major circuit breaker fail during the 2021 Heat Dome climate event.  We were able to replace the circuit breaker; and our ministries, Vacation Bible School in particular, carried on in our air-conditioned building. Also new in 2021, was the introduction of livestreamed worship services replacing pre-recorded services. 


I cannot thank the amazing staff and volunteers of Columbia enough for sharing in the work.  May God continue to richly bless our efforts, as we seek to continue to be the Light of Christ to Clark County and beyond.


John Van Dinter

Business Administrator


Clerk of Session

We held our annual Congregational Meeting on February 7, 2021.  The purpose of this meeting was to elect officers, receive Annual and Financial Reports, and to vote on Pastoral Terms of Call.  We held a Special Congregational Meeting on November 21, 2021 to elect a Pastoral Nominating Committee search for a Senior Pastor/Head of Staff.   


Session met monthly throughout the year, holding additional meetings as needed.  The business portion of regular meetings consisted of prayer, ministry team reports, financial updates from the Trustees, and membership and staffing details.  One area of particular focus for the Session this year was elements of the transition to a new senior pastor.  We worked with the Interim Senior Pastor to assess Columbia and look at our mission, vision, values, where we are as a church, and where we want to go in the future.  This work supported the election of a Pastor Nominating Committee in November.  The Session continues to work on transition issues.  The second focus was supporting and enabling our staff and the congregation in conducting meaningful ministry while meeting the public health requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This has included going to live streaming worship services, Zoom congregational meetings, changes to children and youth programs, virtual mission trips, etc.


Pastor Danie de Beer, Interim Senior Pastor, did not renew his contract and left at the end of November.  The Presbytery gave Columbia permission to not hire another Interim Senior Pastor and the Session chose to continue with our current pastoral staff of Reverends Matt Overton, Scott Peterson, and Ted Buck.


We are privileged to serve at Columbia and look forward with great anticipation to where God’s call for Columbia will lead us in the coming year. 



Respectfully submitted,

Bill Wheeler

Clerk of Session


In Memoriam


Remembering those who have gone on before us.

  • Larry Barnes
  • Helen Byler
  • Rosemarie Chun
  • Denise Cole
  • David Difford
  • Richard Dixon
  • Carolyn Esch
  • Ida Beth Freitag
  • Richard Granger
  • Joyce Malin
  • Lueen Miller
  • Rejeanne Mitchell
  • Carolyn Petersen
  • Gloria Phillips
  • Meredith Randall
  • Ralph Randall
  • Ruth Redmond
  • Mickey Slack
  • Nona Smith
  • Joyce Williams