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Annual Meeting, February 7, 2021

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2020 Annual Report


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Senior Pastor Report

Whichever way you look at 2020, it was a year full of new ways! And we know, we are normally not good with a new way of doing things, because it means that we have to change to get there …


But we did it! We adapted to physical distancing (remember to keep six feet between you and other humans), no hand shaking, hugging; remember your mask, masks are required; limited numbers in public spaces (who buys from Trader Joe’s?); cancelled holiday gatherings, vacations; Zoom … even the most hardy of us had to give in and follow suit. We discovered how resilient we are, that, although changes bring discomfort, we eventually get used to it.

And Columbia Presbyterian is in the heat of change – an interim associate and senior pastor. Our ministries continue. We worship in person, though on a lesser scale without singing (and do you remember how hard it was to really sing in worship!), and with a pre-recorded worship service. Future Forge and Utmost continue. Our Children and Youth ministries will soon be meeting in small groups and online. Our deacons have stepped up to the challenges of the higher demand for care. Bible studies and other groups meet online.


And you, our brothers and sisters, managed to stay connected to our congregation in many ways. Thank you!

As a COVID-vaccine is rolled out, we are looking forward to resuming our in-person activities; I am looking forward to meeting you in person, without masks!



Pastor Danie


Associate Pastor for Youth & Families

I think we can all agree that this past year has been a beast, but you must know that it has been a privilege to help lead you all in this time. Columbia has weathered it well so far, and though we are in a time of transition, I find this work we are doing together to be exciting! We have a wonderful window to clarify what it means to be Intergenerational, Disciple Makers, and a church that is Missional in everything we do! I will keep this report brief since most of the work I have been engaged with is contained in other reports, but here are the major reflections.

  • Fitz’s Transition- Starting last fall there was a lot of discussion around this. We had a party to plan and discussion to be had about the process that was coming. We also had to figure out what would it look like to lead if there was not an instantaneous transition from Fitz to a new interim. Overall I think we did this work well! Fitz set us up for success and despite COVID we were able to send him off fairly well!
  • Jim McLaughlin’s Transition- I had known for a couple of years that Jim was beginning to discern his call outside of youth ministry. He and I talked regularly about it and we were able to help him do that transition really well. His ministry at CPC was excellent and it was difficult to see him move on, but not difficult to see him become a father again!
  • We Changed Everything- One of the challenges this year was navigating the constantly changing standards of everything around us during COVID and doing it while facing multiple transitions on staff. We had to onboard several people as well. But, we have a good staff and good people at CPC, and people have hung in there with each other quite well.
  • Katie Mrochko- You may not know it, but smack dab in the middle of everything else our youth administrator had to move on because of a promotion for her spouse. It happened right at the start of COVID. It was a total surprise. Thankfully, Katie Mrochko stepped into that role and executes on it superbly. Having served in youth ministry, she understands the ministry and CPC. She grew up here! She has been a Godsend.
  • Lydia Arrived- In addition to all those who transitioned out, Lydia Tombarelli came in to take over Jim’s role and expand it somewhat. Lydia oversees both Middle School and High School ministry. My job is to continue to care for students and families in that area as needed and to coach Lydia in her first few years in youth ministry. She is doing a superb job already.
  • The Forge had to Forge!- It was a challenging year on this front as well. Mowtown almost didn’t survive COVID, mostly due to employee turnover. We had to rebuild the Utmost gym outside…twice! Then, we had to begin a new, but planned, partnership with Hayes Freedom High School. But, we did. And while we aren’t doing all that we had hoped the way that we had hoped, we are still doing great work.
  • The Mission Study- If all that wasn’t enough, we had to conduct a Mission Study at CPC in the middle of COVID. My job was to help put that team together and navigate a process that I have never engaged with before. It was a challenge, but the team did excellent work over several months. It’s a process that the denomination requires, but that it doesn’t provide a lot of framework for. I think it went well.

If you can’t tell, it’s been a heck of a year. I am so thankful that our God is gracious and that our church is too! I have felt my leadership capacities tested at every single turn. There have been some sleepless nights and stressful days. I would honestly say this has been the most challenging season of ministry that I have ever been through. However, I remain convinced that we are doing good ministry as a church and that I am called to CPC. We have some significant work to do in this time of transition, and we will need to be patient with it as we learn about ourselves and what is God is calling us to do next.


As you can tell I remain encouraged. I am delighted to serve you all and, though this year has been stressful, God has remained faithful. There have been a number of moments that I have been deeply thankful that my scattered personality means that chaos feels normal to me. I kind of thrive in situations that require high energy and the capacity to pivot and audible on a moment’s notice. I have learned in ministry that what is hard is often what is meaningful.


Again, thank you for your grace and for the privilege of leading you through these challenging times.

Pastor Matt


Worship & Music

2020 Highlights:

Obviously, 2020 was a year like no other. I believe that we decided on a Thursday that we were not able to safely hold services for the following Sunday. Therefore, in a very short amount of time we drastically changed how we offered worship services through Columbia. Those in the Worship and Music area worked hard to continuously transform our virtual worship services to serve our community. Even though we would have preferred to physically meet together, perhaps there were some highlights that came from offering our worship in a different way, such as:

  • The ability to reach our congregation through technology.
  • We were no longer limited geographically. People from around the country and around the world were able to access our services and worship with us.
  • The development of the virtual choir, which attracted new singers.
  • The opportunity for musicians of all ages to sing together through the virtual choir, from children all the way up through our older generations.
  • The opportunity to gather and worship through outdoor summer worship services.

Ongoing Vision Work:

Our future vision work will involve transitioning back to live forms of worship. We believe this could involve a new hybrid model of worship, combining our in-person services with a live-streamed element. This would make it possible for those members of our community who are not physically able to join us (even in the post –COVID era) to worship with us. We also look forward to regathering all our musicians, including the choir and contemporary music leaders.


We are fortunate at Columbia to have individuals, both paid and unpaid, who have risen to the challenge in the worship and music area this year. These individuals are too numerous to mention, but I would at least like to recognize Frank Brown and John Ignoffo for their work in the worship technology area, and Rob and Nancy Anderson for filming our online worship services.

To God be the glory!



Virtual Choir (L), Children’s Choir (Top), Adult Choir(Bottom) Pre-COVID, Music Filming (R)


Adult Faith Formation

2020 Highlights:

  • 2020 got off to a good beginning with a Sunday morning class on Galatians, taught by Pastors Scott Peterson and Laurel Neal.
  • The Alpha Course was our Wednesday evening offering. It was well attended and much appreciated.
  • We were able to have our Men’s Retreat right before COVID shut us down. We had a great time with our speaker, Greg Roth, teaching the men how we grow in Christ through difficult times.
  • COVID shut most things down in March, but soon we were up and running again with Bible studies and classes on Zoom. On Wednesday evenings we offered the class “Being a Disciple of Jesus: A study on Acts.” A regular online community was formed and we continue to meet moving into 2021.
  • The racial issues in our communities were the impetus to get us to think about our own attitudes and biases about people of a different race. We offered a class called “Dialogues on Race” on Sunday morning and Saturday evenings in the fall. These were “in-person” classes that went with our opening of in-person worship. The class helped us to examine this complex issue and our own attitudes.

Ongoing Vision Work:

The Disciple Making Team put things on hold when COVID first shut us down, then began meeting again to work on the part of the church vision about making disciples. We are currently meeting every week as a “Huddle” to learn how to hear from God and see what direction the Spirit is leading us to take in the future.


2020 brought transitional challenges to Columbia and to me as one of your pastors. Less than 3 months into the year COVID hit us, then at the end of the summer Fitz and Laurel retired and we entered a pastoral transition phase. I have been very involved in assisting with the pastoral transition, helping to keep congregational connections alive during the shut down, navigating new technology to help us stay connected and deliver messages, and envision new ministry opportunities that present themselves during this time. Yes it has been a whirlwind, and has had its difficult moments, but it has also been enervating in a certain way. God has been with us, and you, the people of Columbia, have risen to the challenges that we have faced. I am grateful to be with you during this time and look forward to the ministry challenges that lay ahead in 2021.


Being a Disciple of Jesus virtual class (L), Alpha Class Pre-COVID (R)


Youth & Intergenerational Ministries

2020 Highlights:

  • We have Lydia on board! She is doing ministry and learning about youth ministry on the fly! If you remember she was one of our summer interns a few years back.
  • The Forge has survived! It’s been rough because we have a revenue based model more than a donor model, but thankfully we had some reserves! The ministry continued on. Jobs, life skills, relationships, and life transformation have continued forward and even in some new ways.
  • We launched a new video series to encourage parents and families called, “The Monday Spark.” It seems to be helping.
  • We pulled off our Work Camp and Bike Hike safely and the students had a great time.
  • We have managed to provide a safe small group model that rotates rooms at CPC! Hats off to Lydia for spreading youth group over 4 nights! She has done incredibly well.
  • Our fall speaker has agreed to reschedule for 2021!


  • We had to completely re-envision youth group during COVID after cancelling the Work Camp auction. We were shifted to Zoom, met in person, and then went to a small group model in the fall. We had to think about the constant balance between safety and the students’ deep need for discipleship growth and connection.
  • We could hardly do anything inter-generationally because of group size limits and risk factors based on age.
  • Jim McLaughlin transitioned out of his role as Associate Youth Leader right as this was all unfolding.
  • We had to re-envision our summer camps locally on short notice.
  • We had to cancel our Spiritual Renewal Conference speaker, who had an intergenerational focus.
  • We had to re-work our Columbia Future Forge models again and again and rebuild the Utmost gym outside.

This was a challenging year, but there was some really good fruit that came from these ministry areas. We wanted to share with you a few highlights, challenges, and some photos. We don’t know what is next. We do know that God is good. We do know that our students and families need to be loved and encouraged. All in all, though there are some things that we could have done significantly better, I think we have managed this well. Thanks be to God and to so many volunteers in our ministry that have made this work!


Bike Hike (L), High School Youth (Top), Work Camp (Bottom), Middle School Youth (R

Children's Ministry

2020 Highlights:

  • Parent’s Night Out – On March 7, before the COVID shut down, we had 55 kids, 8 mo. – age 11, join us for an evening of fun while their parents went out. 78% of our participants were children whose families are not involved with CPC. Thanks to the help of 15 volunteers, the evening was a unique outreach to 20 families outside of CPC, many of whom are involved with the Circle of Friends Preschool.
  • CPC Kids – Their participation in engaging with the online worship service from home- sending in art & photos of their reflections to share with the congregation was a joy!
  • Bible Sunday – We delivered Bibles and a ring of favorite Bible verses to several of our 2nd graders at home.
  • The online Christmas Eve Service for families with young children provided a chance for kids to engage with the Christmas story in an age-appropriate way. It had over 245 views. Many families outside CPC, and our local area, participated.

Ongoing Vision Work:

As we seek to continue to engage with children and families in the midst of COVID-19 one goal remains the same: connection.

  • Connection with God’s Word – We will provide resources for families to equip them to guide and shepherd their children (Sunday school materials, books, articles etc.)
  • Connection with Family in Faith – We will provide resources for materials specific to specials seasons in the church calendar to allow us to celebrate & grow together (Advent, Lent, Easter, etc.)
  • Connection with One Another in Community – We will continue to encourage families to live out their faith in the community and to reach out to those around them by providing ideas for age-appropriate ways for children to do so as a meaningful extension of their faith.

As COVID begins to diminish, we look forward to providing opportunities for in-person gatherings and experiences that will help accomplish the above goals in community with one another.

Children’s Ministry at CPC seeks to provide a foundation of faith upon which children and their families can learn and grow in their knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ and his love for them. These opportunities take place in Sunday school, K2, VBS, various summer program opportunities, and through the faith milestone events of Bible Sunday, Communion Class, and 5th grade promotion. Our wonderful and extensive team of volunteers play an integral part in building important relationships with the children of Columbia – helping kids and their families build essential relational connections within our church family of faith.


Worship Art (L), Bible Recipients (Middle), Christmas Eve Service (R)

Children's Ministry - K2

2020 started out like any other year. The kids in K2 Live began writing letters and making a gift for their Secret Pals, they began collecting money for the Melanesia Boat Project (our mission emphasis for the year), and they learned about compassion as shown by Jesus through our HighPoint curriculum. They celebrated with their families at our Valentine Family Night, and participated in the Ash Wednesday service; providing readings and receiving the ashes. And then in the middle of March, the world, and all of us with it, shut down regular activities. We in K2 Live quickly pivoted and got creative in the ways we could reach out and do ministry to our K2 kids. Permission was gained from the publisher of our curriculum to use their resources in recorded weekly videos, where we continued to provide Biblical teaching, skits, crafts and games. Secret Pals were revealed online and gifts were delivered by leaders to each pal in a safe way. When the new year began in the fall, outdoor meetings began – socially-distanced with masks and following strict sanitation practices. Indoor gatherings followed with only large, well-ventilated spaces for short periods of time being used and yet, we were still able to offer large group gatherings, small groups, games, crafts, missions, and interactive Bible stories within the confines of these restrictions. The year wrapped up with yet another pivot to Zoom meetings when state restrictions made it difficult to meet in-person. Through it all, God was with us and his name was proclaimed. Kids still brought friends, and relationships with kids, adults, and youth leaders were fostered. This vibrant ministry to upper elementary kids continues to thrive and share the Gospel despite the hardships we have all endured.


K2 COVID-style

Circle of Friends Preschool

2020 Highlights:

  • The ministry of Circle of Friends Preschool continues to thrive as an outreach of Columbia, even during a pandemic. We are in our 26th year as a Christian-based, nonprofit early childhood education program.
  • March 12 was our final day of class for the 2019-20 school year. Teachers remained connected with students virtually. Because we were unable to have our large end of the year programs, we opted for a parade of cars in June. Families decorated their cars, drove around the church parking lot and stopped at their classroom’s designated canopy to pick up items from their teachers and say their goodbyes. Providing closure during such chaotic times was vital.
  • After hours of research and discussion, the decision was made to open our doors in September. Several modifications were made to accommodate CDC guidelines. Class sizes are smaller, the windows remain open at all times, and temperatures are taken before the children exit their vehicles. The only adults entering the building are staff. Each family provided a personal box of school supplies so that nothing would be shared. Classrooms are considered bubbles and the students only interact with their specific classmates.
  • An exciting new addition is our Home School/Virtual Academy. This program came about because we had several families who did not want to participate in our building program, yet wanted their children to still partake in some form of learning and social interaction. Miss Laura is doing an amazing job heading up this program.
  • The school year opened with 79 students, approximately half of our average numbers. We are working with a staff of eight, with no two-year-old classes this year.

Ongoing Vision Work:

  • The mission of Circle of Friends Preschool is to provide an age-appropriate learning experience for children two to five years old in a loving, nurturing Christian environment.
  • Circle of Friends Preschool is a mission program of Columbia Presbyterian Church and is a reflection of CPC’s commitment to families and children. For some of our families, this is their first exposure to a church setting. Some have chosen to pursue a deeper understanding of the Christian faith because of their COF experience. We are reaching out to the community, regardless of race, creed or ethnic origin.
  • As a mission, we are able to help COF families when needs and emergencies arise. The help and support of our CPC church community also blesses our program.
  • Children learn the importance of giving through our needs drive, which this year helped families through the McLoughlin and Marshall Family Community Resource Centers, Open House Ministries and Share.

Current enrollment is 88 (168 is the maximum) three, four and five-year-olds. Our wonderful staff of eight works tirelessly towards providing the best early learning experience for all of the little ones God brings through our doors.


Thanks to our wonderful Circle of Friends Preschool board members for all of their hard work throughout the year: Bruce Farnsworth, Claire Zimmerman, Lynn Gish, Mary Sisson, Nicolle Ableidinger, Sarah Votrobeck and Terry Robertson.


Preschool Virtual Academy taught by Miss Laura

Deacon Ministry

2020 Highlights:

  • Food Drive – Collected over 3000 lbs. of food and over $12,000 for the fall/spring food drives. Additional “black food bags” distributed as kid-friendly alternatives.
  • Thanksgiving baskets – Provided for 25 families: $100 Groceries and $100 WinCo gift card per family.
  • Care Partners – 200 visits, distributed 513 cards/notes, delivered meals, supported 5 memorials/receptions, and nearly 2,500 (not a typo) telephone/email/virtual contacts.
  • Blood Drive – 110 units of blood donated (Feb – 26 / May – 30 / Aug – 29 / Nov – 25)
  • Care Partner Christmas Gifts – 15 personalized gifts (hand carved hearts and cards).

Ongoing Vision Work:

The CPC deaconate strives to be intimately intertwined within our communitas to be best positioned to sense congregational needs. Our mission is to not simply respond to requests for assistance, but to provide an environment of care and understanding to facilitate the fulfillment of congregational needs. An example of this type of effort is the integration of the Care Partners mission area with the development of the new Health Ministries team; separate, but mutually beneficial mission focus.


To be a deacon is to have a heart and call for service. Often coined the “hands and feet” of Christ, our mission is simply to care for the community. As referenced in Acts, the division of labor is for Deacons to care for the physical needs of followers so that the Elders can focus on the spiritual feeding of the Church. To do this, throughout the year we facilitate various activities, both formal and informal, within our stated core mission areas:

  • Hospitality: curbside and inside greeting, safety with parking and staffing the Welcome Center.
  • Communion: organizing servers, serving, set up, clean up, serving home communion.
  • Mercy: Care Partners – one-on-one assignment for targeted support; CPC family support including visits, calls, shopping, meals, Christmas and Easter gifts, memorial services, and delivery of prayer shawls to anyone in need of ministry.
  • Service: Helping Hands projects, Thanksgiving baskets, food drives and blood drives.
Food Drive (L), Blood Drive (L), Care Partner Gifts (Top), Virtual Deacon Meeting (Bottom), Lunch Kits for Kids (R)


2020 Highlights:

  • MMT supported with funds, communication, volunteer service and prayer the following ministries and missionaries: Local missions funded by P&O: Clark County Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Marshall-McLoughlin schools, Open House Ministries, YoungLife, YoungLives, Compassion Vancouver, and Winter Hospitality Overflow –WHO. Global Missions funded by P&O: Haiti Foundation of Hope, Clean Water for Haiti, and Senegal – Falls, Baba Garage, MIS, World Vision, Pastor Ngor, Beer Sheba, and Women’s Retreat. Missionaries funded by P&O: Nies, Nagelkirks, Mattocks, and Armerdings.
  • Supported and sent six CPC members to Senegal West Africa on a mission trip in January/February 2020.
  • Sent $ 2,000 to Kollore Gui in Senegal West Africa for food relief. There was increased need for food due to COVID 19.
  • Sent $3,500 to the Fall’s ministry for 3500 meals for the Talibe boys St Louis, Senegal. There was increased need for food due to COVID-19.
  • Held annual Alternative Christmas Market (ACM) and received a total of $4240. This year ACM supported 4 ministries: Clean Water for Haiti, Haiti Foundation of Hope, Young Lives and Young Life.

Ongoing Vision Work:

MMT continues to support the global ministries, local ministries and missionaries with funds, communication, volunteer service and prayer. MMT encourages CPC to engage in mission work to encounter God, to enter into a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and allow the Holy Spirit to show you your place in God’s work. MMT continues to bring missions and missionaries in front of the congregation with visit reports, Minute for Mission, Columbia Weekly articles, trip briefings and classes.


MMT has 3 main roles. First MMT communicates and builds relationships with mission organizations and missionaries supported by CPC. Next, MMT manages the MMT budget by reviewing funding needs and submitting annual budget to session for approval. The last purpose is to seek and screen requests for new missions that fit CPC’s purpose and vision statements.


Talibe boys in Fall’s mission being fed meals.

Missional Engagement Team

2020 Highlights:

There are several experiments evolving despite COVID-19:

  • Health Ministry is working on ways to equip folks to help address ‘first aid’ steps regarding mental health.
  • There is an effort to help technically challenged folks connect digitally so they can attend groups/ church services/ doctor appointments, etc.

Ongoing Vision Work:

  • The Missional Engagement Team continues to review articles and resources to further understand how to connect and support folks who are ready to step into an ‘experiment.’
  • During the transitions we discussed the focus and purpose of this vision team with staff and other members of the community to better intersect and serve out our purpose with other vision teams.

The Missional Engagement Team is equipping people to form missional experiments; to live our faith out in the community as the body of Christ.

For all who are thinking about or are actually in experiment mode, we provide accountability and inspiration for follow through, clarity, and implementation of best practices to be more effective and efficient.


Mark 6:7 ‘And he called the twelve and began to send them out two by two.’ We share the privilege of listening, reflecting/discerning and praying together. “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among [you]…” (Matthew 18:20).

Health Ministry Team

2020 Highlights:

  • We received 3 grants to build our team capacity and address mental health needs and issues that have emerged since the pandemic began.
  • 21 members of the HMT gathered in person for the first time in January to talk about and plan for our ministry; Nancie Parmenter and Nancy Shoji certified as a faith community nurse and health minister, respectively, to join Pam Stover-Dixon, and Kathie Lasater, certified faith community nurses.
  • The HMT provided updated COVID-19 support and information to the pastoral team, the deacons, and the congregation as the pandemic was unfolding.
  • We supported 7 adults’ technology needs and sent 69 Advent gifts to address the social isolation many of them are experiencing during the pandemic.
  • We helped to evaluate contents for a needed portable first aid kit in the building as well as post information for handling emergencies.

Ongoing Vision Work:

Two team members and one pastor will become instructors of Mental Health First Aid; they can then teach individuals and groups to facilitate understanding, de-stigmatize, and assist with mental health challenges. We plan to offer an online support group focused on Surviving the Pandemic.

When the pandemic allows, we hope to host a community Alzheimer’s/Memory Care Support Group for caregivers supporting loved ones, as well as an extended support group beyond GriefShare. Blood pressure clinics were put on hold after January’s clinic until they are safe to resume. We plan to make available education videos on topics of interest that have been identified by CPC members.

Some CPC community members have very complex health situations and few, if any, health care advocates. We have worked with five members to resolve or alleviate some of the complexities and plan to continue this work.


Begun in 2019, the HMT recognizes the integration of physical, mental, and spiritual health inter-generationally, both as a communitas and among individuals. To that end, the HMT Advisory Board is continually assessing needs and planning responses to promote health. We are blessed to have a team of approximately 40 members from almost every health care profession. In addition to providing health education, blood pressure surveillance, and supporting other needs, the pandemic has illuminated other issues, such as social isolation and mental health issues, like depression. We pray that our ministry will have a positive impact at CPC and help us all be better equipped for ministry to each other and our world. If you are a health care professional—retired or active—we invite you to become a part of the HMT; for everyone, we welcome your input.


Advisory Team (L), Device accessories provided by the team to those isolated (R)

Personnel Ministry Team

Columbia Presbyterian Church continues to be blessed with a staff that is filled with passion and excitement to do God’s work here at Columbia Presbyterian. This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the church staff have been focused on adapting to new and varied ways to provide meaningful worship and spiritual growth opportunities. Due to our strong support from the congregation and backed by the opportunity to participate in the CARES Act’s Paycheck Protection Program, we have maintained the majority of our staff positions. Our administrative staff supports our congregation, making sure that everything runs smoothly. They all have a heart for serving, and we thank them all for their determination and dedication to excellence.


During 2020 we prepared for retirement of Fitz Neal, Senior Pastor/Head of Staff. At the end of August, we bid farewell to Fitz and Laurel Neal, as they retired from ministry and relocated to Colorado. Matt Overton and Scott Peterson covered as needed until our Interim Senior Pastor/Head of Staff was selected and began serving Columbia. Danie de Beer joined us as our Interim Senior Pastor/Head of Staff in December. Danie will serve during our interim time until we reach the point of forming a Pastor Nominating Committee and calling a new pastor. Jim McLaughlin concluded his service as Associate Youth Leader with Columbia in May, as he transitioned to a new vocation. Following Jim’s departure, Lydia Tombarelli joined us in the role of Youth Director in June. Kristin Newton, our Administrative Assistant for Youth and Families, departed during 2020 due to her family relocation out of the area. Katie Mrochko, who has served Columbia in various positions in the past, has assumed the position upon Kristin’s departure.


Looking forward, the Session and the Personnel Ministry Team will continue be working with our Interim Head of Staff and the Session to develop a staffing plan that will support the vision and mission of Columbia Presbyterian Church.


In the coming year, please continue to pray for and encourage your pastors, program and administrative staff. They are very dedicated people who love this congregation and desire to serve God in their roles.

Thank you for your support and prayers.


In Christ,

The Personnel Ministry Team

Dan Zeamer, Personnel Ministry Chair, Tom Hill, John Reid, Megan Strand, Tricia Williamson, Danie de Beer, Interim Senior Pastor-Head of Staff, John Van Dinter, Church Business Administrator


Presbyterian Women

2020 Highlights:

Ellen Torongo Scholarships of $1500 each, were given to Aenea Ferguson, Delaney Ferguson, and Nikyla Nie.

The Johnnie Livingston Memorial Fund has assisted a number of women at our church in their Christian education and enrichment.


At Pastor Fitz Neal’s retirement celebration, Laurel and Fitz Neal were each presented with a prayer shawl, woven by Nancy Biccum. Laurel Neal was presented with an Honorary Life Membership to the Presbyterian Church, signified by a personalized certificate and a silver pin.


The Prayer Shawl Ministry continues to knit, crochet, and weave shawls to be given to those suffering illness, grief, or in special need of comfort.


Ongoing Vision Work:

The Bi-Annual Church Rummage Sale occurs in April and in October, through the hard work of over 100 volunteers, In 2020, both sales had to be canceled, due to the COVID pandemic. Because our budget is based on the fall and spring sales, we were still able to adjust the budget to support the following missions:

      • Christian Mission Charitable Trust
      • Churches in Partnership
      • Clean Water for Haiti (Chris/Leslie Rolling)
      • Compassion Vancouver
      • CPC Youth Ministry
      • Ellen Torongo Scholarship
      • Friends of the Carpenter
      • Fort Vancouver Seafarers Center
      • GIFT AM Bible Study Childcare
      • GSM Counseling Center – Vancouver
      • GSM Teacher’s Support – Zambia
      • Haiti Foundation of Hope
      • Open House Ministries
      • Safe Choice
      • Shared Hope International
      • Share House
      • Tyndale Translators – Nie Family

The mission of the Presbyterian Women is to unite the women of CPC so that together we can commit ourselves to fulfill PW’s purpose: “…to nurture our faith through prayer and bible study, to support the mission of the church worldwide, to work for justice and peace, and to build an inclusive, caring community of women…” PW offers four circles that meet monthly for Bible Study, Fellowship, and Prayer: Elizabeth, Lydia, Marian, and Ruth. Luncheon Gatherings, open to all women of the church, are held four times a year in the Fellowship Hall: Fall, Christmas, Winter, and Spring. To abide by the COVID-19 guidelines for 2020, Circle meetings were conducted through Zoom, e-mail, and phone conversations. Luncheon Gatherings were cancelled.



During the 2020 calendar year, the operation of Columbia Presbyterian Church was active and particularly focused on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and the related changes to the way ministry could be accomplished, while remaining in compliance with guidance and restrictions. We invested time, energy and resources in support of virtual worship, outdoor worship, online (Zoom) meetings, and options to allow our staff to work remotely as needed. Prior to the resumption of indoor activities, we installed ionizers, which kill viruses, in our HVAC systems to enhance safety in our buildings.


We did utilize the time when building use was limited to accomplish many maintenance tasks. Our facilities manager, Mario Nieves, and other staff completed paint touch-ups, deep cleaning, lighting replacements and fresh bark dust in the garden beds to name a few of the tasks which were done.


During 2020, we invested in technology upgrades, which included new hardware and office software, bringing our technology platforms up-to-date.


It is a pleasure to be part of the Columbia Family, a generous community of people who provide financial resources and personal time to support the vision and operations of our church.


Outdoor Worship (L), Ionizer Installation (Middle), Outdoor Worship (R)

Clerk of Session

Columbia received 15 new members during the year and transferred 5 members to other churches, 19 members died, 2 members requested to be removed from our rolls, one member requested to be reinstated, and 313 inactive members were removed from our roll. Our total membership, as of December 31, 2020 was comprised of 716 members.


Nine baptisms took place in 2020, and two marriages were performed at Columbia during the year.


We held our annual Congregational Meeting on February 9, 2020. The purpose of this meeting was to elect officers, receive Annual and Financial Reports, and to vote on Pastoral Terms of Call. We held a Congregational Meeting on August 30, 2020 to dissolve the pastoral relationship with the Reverend Dr. Fitz Neal effective September 30, 2020.


Session met monthly throughout the year, holding additional meetings as needed. The business portion of regular meetings consisted of prayer, ministry team reports, financial updates from the Trustees, and membership and staffing details. One area of particular focus for the Session this year was the retirement of our Senior Pastor in September and preparations for our transitions. A Mission Study Team was appointed and we received and approved the Mission Study in June. An Interim Pastor Search Team was formed and the Session approved the hire of the Reverend Dr. Daniel de Beer in October to start in December. The second focus was supporting and enabling our staff and the congregation in establishing ministry meeting the public health requirements of the COVID-19 pandemic.


We are privileged to serve at Columbia and look forward with great anticipation to where God’s call for Columbia will lead us in the coming year.


Respectfully submitted,

Bill Wheeler

Clerk of Session


In Memoriam

      • Dorothy Allin
      • Gerald Allin
      • Elwyn “Andy” Anderson
      • Rachel Casper
      • James Christian
      • Robert Clark
      • Milton Fuhr
      • Clarice Garrison
      • Hayden Hagin
      • Velma Huibregtse
      • Arnold James
      • Sarah Marek
      • Gail Porsel
      • Kenneth Powell
      • Donna Secord
      • Welmon Smith
      • Eileen Thomson
      • Duane Varner
      • Audrey Warren
      • Ruskin Whaley
      • Jean Wilkie

Introduction of Elder & Deacon Nominees

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Financial Report

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