As of June 30, 2021 restrictions on gathering sizes and social distancing guidelines have been cancelled.  What practices are in place at Columbia Presbyterian?  We no longer require social distancing. We have removed every other row of seating in the sanctuary and will watch attendance numbers before adding it back in.  Effective as of August 23, 2021, masks are required statewide in all indoor public settings, even if fully vaccinated.  


Is it safe to return to worship?  Please consider your individual circumstances prior to engaging in any of our live/on-site offerings. While we are taking steps to ensure a safe worship experience, we cannot guarantee your personal safety.


When should I stay home? We kindly ask that you stay at home if you are sick or if you have been exposed to a family member or individual who is sick. 


Is a face covering required? Columbia Presbyterian follows official guidance regarding face coverings.  As of August 23, 2021 facial coverings are required while indoors, even if fully vaccinated. 


How will you ensure social distancing?  We have removed every other row of seating in the sanctuary. 


How long are live worship services? Live worship services will be condensed to 45-60 minutes.


What if I cannot safely attend live worship services?  We are introducing livestreaming of Sunday worship services as of July 11, 2021.  Will continue to offer weekly worship videos, which can be accessed on our website at


Will there be a congregational singing?  The safety of singing is being thoroughly researched by scientists and universities. We will make a decision based on the current wisdom at the time we move inside for worship. The choir will continue its ministry when it is safe to do so.  Based on the latest scientific research, along with Washington State Guidelines, we will be singing at our worship services.  


How will I be able to pass the peace?  We ask that you refrain from shaking hands, and do not physically embrace others as you pass the peace.


Will there be a time of offering?  Baskets will be placed at entrances to the sanctuary.  You may drop your offering in the basket if you are not utilizing online giving or mailing your offering to the church.


Will there be Nursery and Childcare?  We offer nursery care for our Sunday worship services.


When will I be able to enter the building?  We will open doors 10 minutes prior to worship or programs.  We ask that you wait in your vehicle until the doors are open. When services are finished please promptly exit the building.


Will there be changes to building access?  Please observe signage and indicators in regards to designated pathways.  We will enter and exit the building (and rooms when possible) through separate doors. 


Will there be Communion?  Communion will be celebrated monthly in a manner which limits person to person contact.  


Will there be Sunday school for children?  Children, pre-school through 5th grade, will begin worship with their parents, and will move to Sunday school following the Time with Young Disciples during the 9:00 AM Sunday service.    


Will there be hand sanitizer available?  Hand sanitizer is available at entrance and exit points.  We encourage you to utilize it as you enter and exit the building


Will I have access to a restroom?  Restrooms will be available.  We ask that no more than 2 people be present in a restroom at the same time.


Will coffee be available?  We have temporarily paused coffee/snack service.  You are welcome to bring a beverage with you to worship and programs.


What about cleaning and sanitation?  We follow the recommendations of the CDC regarding cleaning and sanitation.  Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned between gatherings. 


What about airborne transmission of viruses?  We have worked with our HVAC contractor to install ionizers in the frequently used rooms, which kill bacteria and viruses in the air ducts.  Unlike earlier versions of this technology, the model we installed does not produce ozone as a byproduct of the process.  It does take several hours for all the air to cycle through the system for treatment.


Why are we spreading events across multiple days of the week? We are allowing ample time between events for cleaning and fresh air exchanges.  Generally, we will not schedule more than one event per day for any of our gathering spaces.